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If I Can't Dance...

...I Don't Want to Be A Part of Your Revolution" finishes the quote attributed to Emma Goldman by a printmaker from the 1930s. Often in life we are caught up in the righteous, the cause, the energies that keep us separate, at war, ill at ease with each other and life itself. In this series, inspired by the quote, the artist has created dancing figures in a variety of contexts, here or there...in the mundane environments of our every day life and struggles. 


This first in this large format series features the "dancers" in an urban environment. This work, currently in a private collection, was featured in a SEE ME exhibition in NYC, projected on a building in Times Square.


The artist set #2 in vacant lot, and in the current work, #3, the figures are being painted leaving the city.


Works are available to view, by appointment, at Studio C6, Houston, TX. 77007 (please contact the artist). The first two works are 46x92 inches, oil on canvas.

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Studio C6

2101 Winter Street, Sawyer Yards

Houston, 77030


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